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Motorised Satellite Dish Installations
Motorized Satellite Services Camberley Surrey


Camberley Aerials are specialist installers of motorised satellite dishes.

A motorised satellite Dish is necessary to view most satellite tv broadcasting from european and worldwide channels.

The motorised satellite dish enables the viewer to be able to receive a huge range of worldwide and European satellite tv channels, and also the conventional Sky channels, with a motorised satellite dish installation.

There are also hundreds of Free to Air satellite TV channels available. Motorised satellite TV dishes are very popular with immigrants to the UK who wish to keep in touch with TV broadcasts from their home country. 

Camberley Aerials install motorised satellite dishes for a wide range of European and worldwide broadcasts. Just a few are Aljazeera, hotbird, astra, turksat, hellas, arabsat, nilesat, thor, eutelsat, and many more. 

A motorised satellite dish is the perfect solution for the reception of multiple satellites from one dish, and when installed properly, is designed to follow the satellite’s ark to ensure a constant, strong signal. The installation and set up of the motorised dish is based on your geographic location relative to the satellite in question. This called your latitude.

How Does it work? 

The satellite receiver tells the motor to turn right or left, and as you approach different satellite signals your receiver will tell the motor to stop on the selected satellite and then you will be able to view the channels on the selected satellite, this is done by the satellite motor moving east or west along the satellite arc. One satellite dish can be used to view multiple satellites via a single receiver, this looks a lot better than having 2 or even 3 satellite dishes on your property. 

We can install a satellite system to adapt to your choice of channels form a range of countries here is just a few we can offer: We can also install a satellite system that will enable you to watch your premiership team live every game from the comfort of your own home! 

Channels from

Germany Italy France Middle East
Spain Portugal Poland Lithuania
Russia, Eastern Europe & many others

We provide motorised satellite installations throughout the south and all surrounding areas.

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