Data Cabling & Ethernet Cabling Cat 5e/6


  • Domestic & Commercial
  • We are based in Camberley Surrey
  • Data Cabling & Ethernet/LAN
  • SMART TV – CAT 6


Camberley Aerials offers a complete range of structured data cable installation services with the installation of internal structured cabling using FTP, UTP, twisted pair, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 type cables to meet your network cabling requirements. Free Surveys are offered to allow us to understand your exact data cabling requirement and allowing us to specify and design a suitable network infrastructure. This can include the installation of a cable management system of Tray, Trunking and conduit or where possible utilisation of existing cabling containment. A full proposal with fixed price costs is then provided generally withn 24 hours to allow you to review before agreeing to proceed with the installation.
We also offer all these services for domestic properties. Typically household wireless routers can provide poor streaming signal. With a hard-wired connection your streaming is unaffected by walls etc that lower your wifi signal.


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