Home Cinema Installations



Home Cinema Installations
Home Cinema Installations

Fully-Qualified installers

  • Over 12 years experience installing high end AV
  • Many years experience specializing in the   installation of Plasma TVs, LCDs and Projectors
  • Indemnity insurance up to £2,000,000
  • All work is carried out to a very high standard
  • fully insured and guaranteed for two years

Plasma TV and LCD Installs

Heavy plasma TV screens and LCDs will be securely mounted on to any type of wall, either fixed into position or on a mechanical arm, protruding outward from the wall. This can then be tilted and extended towards the viewers.

Projector Installs

Ceiling mounting is the usual method of installing projectors. Wiring can be hidden, screens configured and instruction given. To give the right effect, cables are often hidden in the ceiling.


Cables and other equipment can be made discreet; however the preferred method is to completely hide the cables in the wall by creating a cavity.

A site survey will be necessary to check wall types, scan for pipes and existing cables, consider viewing distance, size of the room, furniture and other factors, before advising on the best design and set up of screens speakers and cables.


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